Kerona Team Member: Catherine Alhaddad

Catherine Alhaddad

Catherine is a specialist in regulatory toxicology, human health exposure modelling and risk assessment, physical-chemical properties and analytical methodology. Catherine has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the Applied Sciences University (Jordan) and an M.Sc. in Analytical Toxicology from the University of Jordan. She has a broad range of scientific experience including laboratory management and HPLC, AAS and UV instrumentation. She began working in 2005 in an international feed manufacturing firm as laboratory manager and was responsible for obtaining laboratory accreditation and introducing HPLC instrumentation. She moved into regulatory affairs in 2007 working as a consultant with leading international consultancies specialising in agrochemical, biocide, REACH and cosmetics registrations. Catherine has significant experience in reviewing scientific data, data gap analysis and dossier preparation in these sectors as well as poison centre notification. At Kerona, Catherine focuses on exposure modelling and risk assessments for biocides, plant protection and REACH using ECHA’s Biocides Human Health Exposure Methodology, ConsExpo, EFSA’s Guidance and calculator, ECETOC, ART and RISKOFDERM as well as specialised modelling and argumentation for special cases. Catherine speaks fluent Arabic and has dealt with regulatory authorities worldwide.