The regulatory team at Kerona Scientific, led by Dr. Irene McGrath, brings extensive experience and expertise to guide clients through the complex landscape of regulatory compliance. Dr. McGrath, with her 30 years of regulatory experience in industry and consultancy, has worked with clients from around the world, providing valuable insights and solutions.

Kerona's team of multidisciplinary experts have diverse professional backgrounds in chemistry, agricultural sciences, agronomy, toxicology, ecotoxicology, and environmental sciences. With their extensive industry experience in plant protection, fertilizers, biocides, and chemicals, the consultants at Kerona have acquired in-depth knowledge of the relevant requirements and challenges faced by these industries.

In addition, Kerona's multilingual team offers effective support in various languages, including English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Lithuanian, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese. This enables them to effectively engage with clients and interact with National Authorities on their behalf, facilitating smooth communication and regulatory compliance.

Project managers and senior specialists at Kerona are always available to assist clients in resolving any issues related to authorities' requests and addressing general inquiries. We strive to provide comprehensive support, ensuring clients receive the necessary guidance throughout the regulatory process.

In summary, Kerona Scientific takes pride in its team of experts who possess the knowledge, experience, and insights necessary to guide you through the regulatory landscape. By understanding clients' specific requirements and providing multilingual support, Kerona aims to deliver effective solutions and ensure regulatory compliance for its clients.