Kerona Team Member: Dr. Neus Rodriguez Sanchez

Dr. Neus Rodriguez Sanchez

Neus has a B.Sc in Biological Sciences and an M.Sc. in Aquaculture, both from the University of Valencia in Spain. She began work as a research laboratory technician and was responsible for conducting toxicity tests with fish embryos and molecular assays. She completed her Ph.D. at Liverpool John Moores University in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research. The Ph.D. focused on the development of computational approaches (e.g. QSARs, structural alerts) and in vitro methods to assess the toxicity and bioaccumulation of organic chemicals in aquatic organisms. Neus spent 3 years working as a regulatory ecotoxicologist for the UK’s Chemicals Regulation Division, where she was responsible for the registration of plant protection products and biocides in the Central European zone. At Kerona, she specialises in risk assessments for ecotoxicology dossier sections and the prediction of toxicity endpoints for use in a regulatory context using QSAR and ECOSAR. Neus is a native Spanish speaker and manages applications to the Southern European region.